What is #youthup?

To youth up (v): The act of making political institutions and processes more youth-friendly, by including them in all aspects and stages of policy & decision making.

A Youth Vision for the Future of Europe

Our democratic societies are at risk, today more than ever. With anti-democratic, xenophobic movements and hate speech on the rise, we need new proposals for positive change in the way politics is done in Europe. Click here to discover and support the Youth Vision for the Future of Europe.

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Let's #YouthUp politics and rethink Europe to ensure its future is more sustainable, participatory, inclusive and respectful of human rights

Organise your own workshop by following the step-by-step methodology of this facilitation guide, on one of the six themes. Ask young people about their ideas, gather feedback and put them up on the YouthUP website so that everyone can vote for the best proposals.

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Click here to discover the ideas proposed so far by the different workshops taking place across Europe. Vote for the ideas you think would have the most positive impact!

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"A participatory democracy"


"An sustainable Europe"


"Inclusive Europe"


"Rights–based Europe"






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